December 2010 - Stephan Decaux Stephan Decaux

Like me

My daughter gave me a gift, something to hold,
A little city in water, when you shake it, it snow.

I told her never let a sucker nigga take off her clothes.
Better wait till you’re grown,
when they love you,
you’ll know.

– Nasir Jones,
Passage of ‘Like me‘, part of Nas‘s untitled album.
Released in 2008 but still gold for the ears.


Recently Thirthy Seconds To Mars came with this new video. 30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane. There’s clearly a trend in the land of music videos, lots of videos go past the three minute standard and tv channels such as MTV are playing them, giving the director more freedom to make it more like a short movie and give the storie more strength and depth.

The video of ‘Hurricane’ is a bit of darkness, craziness and creativity. I find it an interesting video and will share it with you therefor.

Merry Christmas.

This Christmas,

Master in making worthless and lists you would never think of, Complex Magazine, comes with a top 20 containing “The hottest women in Christmas movies“.

All-rounder Kanye West joins forces with Teyana Taylor & Cyhi Da Prynce to make Christmas in Harlem.

Ubisoft and their Ravin Rabbids wish u Happy holidays with this video.

And last but not least, Santa shows off some skills at the Ajax trainingfields in this bullshit video.

* Image is part of the last released issue of SNEEZE.

Beach Justice

Freddie Wong is this crazy guy shooting videos and explaining them. And about the ‘shooting videos’ most of the time this has two meanings. Trigger happy, with the camera and with the gun. Begin December he came with this video called Beach Justice. He then came with a behind-the-scenes and shortly after released ‘on editing‘, in which he explains the shooting progress and what decisions he made while editing his movie Beach Justice. Interesting material for those who are interested. No shit.

He offered most of the shots as download, so anyone can go ahead and play around with them and sort of make the movie himself or make a different and more own movie with these shots.

Zwitsers kunnen wel degelijk reclames maken.

Behalve dat het waarschijnlijk een waardeloze app is voor de iPad, is deze reclame briljant. Briljant is misschien een groot woord, maar naast de stijl van het filmpje die gewoon master is en het verhaal dat vertelt word, zit er nog een klein dingetje in verstopt. Hoofdrolspeler William Tell bouwt een leger van vrienden, en wie de fuck staat daar tussen.. Ja hoor, de ‘best friend’ van menig smartphone beheerder. Check it uit.

Het zal trouwens niet zo’n slechte app zijn hoor, met de design zit het wel goed in ieder geval. De app is trouwens gratis.

How come

How come. Out of nowhere. I mean.. I got it lying here.. Since way back this is partially also my world. D12 World. The chorus popped up in my head. Let me share this classic with you. Let me take you back to 2004.

I Just Had Sex.

I just had sex, with Jessica Alba. After the feature with T-Pain, The Lonely Island brings yet another ridiculous and fun track. Also their first single of their upcoming album ‘The Best Damn Thing Ever’.

25 New Free High-Quality Fonts

Now and then Smashing Magazine comes with an article about new and free fonts. The 17th of december is such a day. Check it out now: 25 New Free High-Quality Fonts.

Aim it, Shoot it, Freeze it.

Recently I ran in this commercial. Its an award winning commercial of Canon. Including the behind-the-scenes. Though it are no really spectaculair behind the scenes, it’s always cool to see one.

Stars of Football

Ricky van Wolfswinkel pakt Huntelaar terug na deze actie. Wat jammer dat het wat in scene is gezet, aangezien deze twee filmpjes onderdeel zijn van een nieuwe C1000 actie waarbij je voetbalhelden en toekomstige voetbalhelden kan sparen. De actie gaat een klein stapje verder met het sparen van de kaarten. De geselecteerde spelers zijn ‘spectaculair’ gefotografeerd en kunnen worden ingescand via de webcam naar je online inplakalbum.
De actie zal vanaf 27 december 2010 ingaan. De commercial voor tv is al gelanceerd, meer informatie check facebook en de website.