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Christmas Icons

Free Christmas Icons

“Christmas is nearly upon us, and here at offset media, we are feeling festive already. Who benefits from our overly festive mood? You of course! We have created a set of 20 festive vector icons as our gift to you.”

– Offset media

Download the icons here.

Blue Slide Park

Since the 8th of November Mac Miller‘s album ‘Blue Slide Park’ is available. Mac Miller, who saw his fanbase growing big time over the last couple of years, supported by Wiz Khalifa, reached a milestone in his carrier by releasing this debut album. I dig it, lemme share it, if you on the homey page read the whole article to see this 16 tracked playlist.

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Golden Flakes


Golden Flakes is een brand new webshop gevestigd in Nederland. Mutsen van Elm, Horloges van het Belgische Komono en houten horloges van het Italiaanse WeWood. En als topje op deĀ  ijsberg van deze online store in exclusieve en onderscheidende accessoires, de Wooden Tie, oftewel de Houten Stropdas. Behoorlijk gek.

Wil je meer weten, bezoek de website op www.GoldenFlakes.nl.
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Ken still gets it done.

For more video-material of this particular situation watch Part 1 and Part 2. (You’re now watching a sort of shorter version of Part 1.)

India Reynolds

This fairly unknown model called India Reynolds, I can’t deny her, I have to write something for her and give some pleasure for the eyes to share. She has been featured in magazines like FHM, Nuts and FRONT magazine. The brown-haired England girl has her own fansite which seems to be the main spot to find more of her. Check out some of her photo’s below:

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El Ateneo – Buenos Aires

If you find yourself to be in Buenos Aires one day, and your auto-spelling asks if you mean ‘Bluenose’ instead of ‘Buenos’ than make a visit to this theater turned into a library or bookstore, I don’t know. I just like the lights on the picture. It’s suppose to be one of the most beautiful book temples in the world. Jeej.

The Riots through the eye of Photoshop

Engeland photoshop

Engeland Panda's photoshopped

The riots in England are terrible, unless you can bend it to something positive and funny! If we didn’t had Photoshop.. how sad would the world look like then.

More on http://photoshoplooter.tumblr.com/
and http://photoshoprioter.tumblr.com/

Your kids art sucks

Your kids art sucks

“Too long have we allowed sweet innocent children to think that their artwork is good and let it ruin our refrigerators and classrooms!’

‘Your Kid’s Art Sucks’ is a website that will speak some truth about the shitty drawings of your kid! Mainly the ‘what the fuck is this suppose to be’. Too many times children, nor the parents, just doesn’t think it’s strange when mommy is banging the dog, the tree looks like a penis and dad, dad is shitting himself.>

It’s time to grow up.

Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis

This feels like to me like the start of a new age for Hip-Hop. How long has it been that we seen this, the so called best rappers in the world, still being brothers. I mean I rememberĀ  ‘Big Brother‘ big time, honesty big time right there. This isn’t raw hip-hop nomore, this bringing it back. Gotta love this, the brother ship, the laughing. Fuck all the Love lockdowns, Runaways and Running this town. This feels like 2011’s Touch the sky.