Build a castle on your camera.

This morning I was just talking with my mates ‘Doggy‘ and ‘Piño‘, about the possibility to build with Lego on your laptop. More than 12 hours later I bump into this post of money maker and über-Blogger Nalden.
Well, more or the less, it’s more a product in his shop than a blogpost. It’s about the Optio NB1000, a 14 MP camera with the possibility to express yourself with nanoblock (the Japanse version of Lego). On the camera itself that is. € 229,- you have to pay to obtain the item.
The Optio NB1000 is a collaboration model between camera maker PENTAX and nanoblock. And is now available at Nalden.For more photo’s and information follow the link to

Build a castle on your camera.

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