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Fight The Foot – a TMNT short film.

A short by a fan of the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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22nd of May [Trailer]

22 Mei – 22nd of May – Trailer HD – Koen Mortier

Trailer of 22nd of May. Written and Directed by Koen Mortier.
“Guilt and innocence can be pretty much alike.”

What The Movie?!

We spent big time playing What the movie this day, there were some hours to kill. Simple but kind of brilliant concept. It’s as simple as looking at one snapshot of a movie and guessing what movie it is from. Of course I knew all the Pinocchio and Twilight snapshots.

You even got the option to upload your own snapshots.  Though what kind of fucked up is, is the fact that the answers will only be available after you wait at least a couple of days up to like 30 days. Kind of missing the opportunity to learn from your faults. Of course when you know the answer and it’s the right one, it will say it is the right one.

The best music-related video’s of 2010.

The Fire

My christmas list didn’t turn out to be reaching santa therefor I am writing a new list, in a somewhat different form.
This is,
The best music-related video’s of 2010.

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Beach Justice

Freddie Wong is this crazy guy shooting videos and explaining them. And about the ‘shooting videos’ most of the time this has two meanings. Trigger happy, with the camera and with the gun. Begin December he came with this video called Beach Justice. He then came with a behind-the-scenes and shortly after released ‘on editing‘, in which he explains the shooting progress and what decisions he made while editing his movie Beach Justice. Interesting material for those who are interested. No shit.

He offered most of the shots as download, so anyone can go ahead and play around with them and sort of make the movie himself or make a different and more own movie with these shots.