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The last meal before death penalty

What would you choose to eat if you know it’s going to be your last meal? Photographer Henry Hargreaves read about efforts to stop the Last Meal tradition in Texas, this tradition he found interesting, what would be people choose when they know they are getting executed the next day? Hargreaves went out to start photographing these meals.

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Sonia x Photography

Bring a beautiful model and a great photographer together, result: stunning photo’s.
I could not read what the website was telling of Polish Photographer Michal Obrzut, but the pictures said enough. And sometimes that is all you need to know.

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Kate Upton for GQ

Kate Upton, the current proud of the United States it seems. Millions saw her do the ‘Cat Daddy‘ dance on their computerscreen. She rocked the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and is spotted everywhere, this time back in front of the camera of Terry Richardson. The photographs below are shot for magazine GQ. This July you will find the 19-year old model on the cover of GQ.

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Souvenirs photography


From toy cars to any other miniature, photographer Michael Hughes places them back at their spot. This is next level leaning against the Tower of Pisa.

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India Reynolds

This fairly unknown model called India Reynolds, I can’t deny her, I have to write something for her and give some pleasure for the eyes to share. She has been featured in magazines like FHM, Nuts and FRONT magazine. The brown-haired England girl has her own fansite which seems to be the main spot to find more of her. Check out some of her photo’s below:

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Elle Liberachi

After Isadora Lago and Megan Fox, it is now up to Elle Liberachi to be featured. This stunning girl who dreams to be a Bond-girl and has been listed in many top 100 of  most sexiest women was born in London and has been on covers all around the world. And the reason is simple, look for yourself.

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