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A Scuba Mask with a camera

First-person shooting with the masks of Liquid Image. Photographing and filming in HD while diving. “Show the world from your point of view”, show ’em what hella cool life you have, diving in the clear blue water on your caribbean vacation or just the swimming pool of your little sister. There are several masks available from something like €80 up to €350.

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“Exclusive Preview on iOS 5”

Funny and well executed video about the ‘futuristic’ iOS 5 of apple.

The 3D Printer – Printing objects

3d printer

I know it looks like an object straight out of the music video of ‘Elektrotechnique‘, but it isn’t. This is the 3D printer of Ultimaker and it is now available for pre-ordering! You can view the product in their shop.

59-foot Gundam

59 foot GUNDAM in Tokyo park

I’ve got some more 2009 news. Damn I’m really lagging behind. What am I saying, this is future product, within 10 years this will be our common transport.
Nevertheless these photo’s are awesome. 18 metre of awesomeness.

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Piggy Bank

“The piggy bank itself is alive and randomly gets sad when is moved or when it senses that somebody is around. It calls your attention and to make it feel better, its owner has to feed it with a small random amount of money that will be taken from the credit card.

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10 Apps Every Guy Should Have for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day coming up, therefor this list was born. From a special edition of the game that got more addicts than crack, to helping you sing a serenade and make that high class dinner for once in your life.

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Build a castle on your camera.

This morning I was just talking with my mates ‘Doggy‘ and ‘Piño‘, about the possibility to build with Lego on your laptop. More than 12 hours later I bump into this post of money maker and über-Blogger Nalden.
Well, more or the less, it’s more a product in his shop than a blogpost. It’s about the Optio NB1000, a 14 MP camera with the possibility to express yourself with nanoblock (the Japanse version of Lego). On the camera itself that is. € 229,- you have to pay to obtain the item.
The Optio NB1000 is a collaboration model between camera maker PENTAX and nanoblock. And is now available at Nalden.

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One step towards the future

American computer manufactor of gaming products Razer goes for the next level. They have a new, mind-blowing gaming-concept. The product has touchscreen all over the place and buttons that adapt to the game you are playing! Complex tells us to be cool, ’cause soon we’ll even be able to play ‘World of Warcraft’ at the stripclubs! Check the video and the text below for some more details.

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