Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis

This feels like to me like the start of a new age for Hip-Hop. How long has it been that we seen this, the so called best rappers in the world, still being brothers. I mean I remember¬† ‘Big Brother‘ big time, honesty big time right there. This isn’t raw hip-hop nomore, this bringing it […]

Cardboard Warfare 2 – Trailer

Cardboard Warfare, as the name already says, no real guns but every weapon mad out of cardboards, yet real explosions. The previous Cardboard Warfare has been watched over 4 million times. One of the reason for that, besides being totally awesome, Youtuber Pwnisher works together with Youtube Legend Freddie Wong. And this trailer is saying […]

The Hard Times Of RJ Berger

Well, after the succes of season 1, there’s season 2 and it was premiering last Sunday in Holland. I didn’t see it though, as I already had been on sea with me pirates of our favorite government fighter Pirate Bay. And with a good show and 12 episodes of 20 minutes, time flew, as well […]

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