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Galtar Riddim 2.0

Insane stop-motion, the music video of Zwart Licht – Galtar Riddim 2.0. Credits and Behind-the-scenes photo’s included in this article.

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Infinite Canyons

Music: Miami Horror – Infinite Canyons

Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis

This feels like to me like the start of a new age for Hip-Hop. How long has it been that we seen this, the so called best rappers in the world, still being brothers. I mean I remember¬† ‘Big Brother‘ big time, honesty big time right there. This isn’t raw hip-hop nomore, this bringing it back. Gotta love this, the brother ship, the laughing. Fuck all the Love lockdowns, Runaways and Running this town. This feels like 2011’s Touch the sky.

Cardboard Warfare 2 – Trailer

Cardboard Warfare, as the name already says, no real guns but every weapon mad out of cardboards, yet real explosions. The previous Cardboard Warfare has been watched over 4 million times. One of the reason for that, besides being totally awesome, Youtuber Pwnisher works together with Youtube Legend Freddie Wong. And this trailer is saying that CWII will be back better than ever.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

The Hard Times Of RJ Berger

Well, after the succes of season 1, there’s season 2 and it was premiering last Sunday in Holland. I didn’t see it though, as I already had been on sea with me pirates of our favorite government fighter Pirate Bay. And with a good show and 12 episodes of 20 minutes, time flew, as well as the episodes.

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Manual for Bored Girls

Sometime ago I posted the teaser of ‘Manual for bored girls‘. And here’s the full length video! Great video, don’t ask me the goal of it, but it’s beautiful, great shots, edit and especially great motion graphics.

Splitscreen: A love story

Amazing piece of work.

The Art of FLIGHT

I can only say. Holy shit.