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Spider Projection

Huge spiders trapped in a house

The actual project is called ‘Spider Projection’.  A pair of two small spiders were filmed in a tiny reproduction of the room and afterwards projected on a real building, giving the illusion of two huge spiders trapped in a building.

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Two duets with John Mayer

Today I want to feature two duets with John Mayer. I recently discovered both of them, the first is with the 86 aged Tony Bennett, the 2nd song is one some may know of the ‘Where the light is’ concert. Let’s go.

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Ben Howard

I recently discovered this crazy cover performed by Ben Howard. Ben Howard is a British singer-songwriter. His most known track is ‘Keep your head up‘,  with a 5 million views on Youtube. Though the original of the cover he did has 54 times more views (270 million). Listen to Ben Howard’s Call me maybe.


FIFA 13 is almost there!

Thursday the 27th of September is on it’s way, and so is the newest FIFA game. The demo is already out, FIFA 13’s ultimate team has already launched his web app. It’s only waiting for the public to get their hands on playing with the new teams. (27th is the Europe date of release, US is two days earlier.)

Everything is suppose to be better, and their are new things like celebrations (Balotelli style) and tricks, and even a new league, the Saudi Pro League. Read all new features below and check out some cool tricks in the enclosed Youtube video.

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Sonia x Photography

Bring a beautiful model and a great photographer together, result: stunning photo’s.
I could not read what the website was telling of Polish Photographer Michal Obrzut, but the pictures said enough. And sometimes that is all you need to know.

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Ted - Movie


The first motion picture of Seth MacFarlane,  creator of Family Guy. Probably the must-see movie of this year, a rating of 7.6 at IMDB, for this living, swearing, f*cking, grown up teddybear.
Featuring The Departed actor Mark Wahlberg and 70’s show actress (and Meg’s voice) Mila Kunis.

Check out the trailer if you haven’t yet, in the cinemas NOW.

Bob Dylan Tempest Cover

Bob Dylan – Tempest

Released on September the 11th, Bob Dylan does it again. The 71-year old brings his 35th studio album, 50 years after his first release. And though his voice is questioned these last years, barely hearable words in concerts, this album is recorded in the studio, making you can hear every word and every story he has to tell. Quite some years now he’s seen as a legend, and still alive, some mayor music critics also calls this album ‘his best album’.

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Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Hypebeast eats‘ features this time a very nice snack. A slowly marinated fried chicken breast topped with coleslaw, then placed in between a scrumptious waffle and served with jalapeno maple syrup. Read here more on how to make it.

“In desperate times, the taboo pairing of two unacquainted items can result in an awakening, life-altering experience. Just ask any stoner preparing a late night snack with little to no cooking skills and a keen imagination.”

Damien Hirst tribute - dolphin

An inflatable Dolphin preserved in formaldehyde

“Paying homage to Damien Hirst‘s famous installation “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” in which a tiger shark is preserved in a display case with formaldehyde, Spanish artist Alfonso Batalla presents a reinterpretation dubbed “A Dolphin For Damien.”

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Scuba mask with camera

A Scuba Mask with a camera

First-person shooting with the masks of Liquid Image. Photographing and filming in HD while diving. “Show the world from your point of view”, show ‘em what hella cool life you have, diving in the clear blue water on your caribbean vacation or just the swimming pool of your little sister. There are several masks available from something like €80 up to €350.

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