February 2011 - Stephan Decaux Stephan Decaux

Mr. Probz – Hate You

Video by Teemong and Mr. Probz.
After playing this, at valentine’s day released track, over and over at 22tracks, the video came out today. Actor, but most of all, artist, Yousef Gnaoui, better known as ‘Sef’ and as part of the Dutch Hip-Hop ‘formation’ Flinke namen, plays his part in this video.

“I never had a problem with ending a relationship
until I met you, you crazy bitch.
(..)I hate you, bitch I hate you.
I hate you, you should know,”

Dr. Dre ft. Eminem – I Need A Doctor

This video is an instant classic, Dr. Dre and Eminem show that they still know how to make good and honest music. They show their brothership, where it all started, the past and things happened and the fact they still got each other back like back in the days.

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Adidas Metro Attitude XXL

Adidas Metro attitude sneaker xxl red blue white

While I am still on my sneakers and on my Adidas ride, let me open up the trunk to show you these kicks. Spring 2011 sees a new colorway in the adidas Metro Attitude XXL. More photo’s and an option to buy them are found here.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott x Teddy Bear

Give me one reason why shouldn’t buy these.. I recently ran into them at Patta Amsterdam and I already knew them at that point. The Adidas sneaker designed by Jeremy Scott, available in brown and pink. I mean, even Lil Wayne rocked ’em as seen below so.. Just step your game up. I’m not going to lie for you, we all want warm feet..

Designer of the Adidas Originals JS Bear, Jeremy Scott also made a Panda version of the sneaker which will be released somewhere in Fall 2011. Just fuck the world and buy them and you get guaranteed respect of me your whole life long.

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Back to the future

Back to the future Photography

Photographer Irina Werning “started inviting people back to their future.” In short: re-shooting an old photo. This still growing collection is presented at her website, most of the photo’s of this project are shown here. Enjoy!

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Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

“The piggy bank itself is alive and randomly gets sad when is moved or when it senses that somebody is around. It calls your attention and to make it feel better, its owner has to feed it with a small random amount of money that will be taken from the credit card.

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