March 2011 - Stephan Decaux Stephan Decaux

The 3D Printer – Printing objects

3d printer

I know it looks like an object straight out of the music video of ‘Elektrotechnique‘, but it isn’t. This is the 3D printer of Ultimaker and it is now available for pre-ordering! You can view the product in their shop.

Pokemon Apokélypse

BOOM! Right in your face. Despite it’s fan-made doesn’t make it less cool. And oke, I got to admit, Pikachu looks like shit.

“When is it gonna stop?”

“When I’ve caught them all.”

Megan Fox Daily

Megan Fox Daily is a Tumblr with daily new photo’s and gif’s of Megan Fox, so.. yeah..

The Laundromat

Clean short.

Bike 6-Pack Holder

“Trainen voor een 6-pack of neem een 6-pack voor een bierbuik.”

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Saints Row: The Third

Grab your pimp cane and find your bandanna, as it’s yet time again for another Saints Row. Saints Row: The Third will be released at the fourth quarter of 2011, around Christmas probably. No trailers or other videos are yet available only a very small amount of pictures. I can’t wait for it to show up, as no game comes near the style of SR and Saints Row 2’s release was more than 2 years ago.
For the marketing there is the chance that a Saints Row game will show up for Facebook, Xbox live arcade and PS network. Further there was a Saints Row film announced at December, but no further information has been spilled at that announcement though it said to show more a month later. We’ll see!

Album Cover Nieuwe Moves

Dutch Hip-Hop artists ‘Zo Moeilijk‘ are close to releasing their new album. The album called ‘Nieuwe  moves’ is now available to let your speakers breath through 3voor12’s Luisterpaal. Really stunning drawn album cover.