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Rodriguez searching for sugar man

Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man is a documentary about Rodriguez, a singer who you could compare to Bob Dylan. Noone bought his records (’70/ ’71), untill his music landed on South Africa, where Rodriguez, without knowing it himself, became a legend.

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The first motion picture of Seth MacFarlane,  creator of Family Guy. Probably the must-see movie of this year, a rating of 7.6 at IMDB, for this living, swearing, f*cking, grown up teddybear.
Featuring The Departed actor Mark Wahlberg and 70’s show actress (and Meg’s voice) Mila Kunis.

Check out the trailer if you haven’t yet, in the cinemas NOW.

Cardboard Warfare 2 – Trailer

Cardboard Warfare, as the name already says, no real guns but every weapon mad out of cardboards, yet real explosions. The previous Cardboard Warfare has been watched over 4 million times. One of the reason for that, besides being totally awesome, Youtuber Pwnisher works together with Youtube Legend Freddie Wong. And this trailer is saying that CWII will be back better than ever.

The Art of FLIGHT

I can only say. Holy shit.


RABAT | Bioscoop trailer NL | 9 juni in de bioscoop.

De Leven

Sef - De Leven (Titelsong 'Rabat')

“Soms shows. Soms aandacht. Soms. Soms weekend vanaf maandag. Soms. Soms allemaal chicks en soms helemaal niks.

Dit is de leven.

En ik weet dat dit de leven is, en ik weet niet of het nog lang duurt. Maar zolang het er nog even is, geniet ik er van, elke dag.”

Pokemon Apokélypse

BOOM! Right in your face. Despite it’s fan-made doesn’t make it less cool. And oke, I got to admit, Pikachu looks like shit.

“When is it gonna stop?”

“When I’ve caught them all.”

The Laundromat

Clean short.

Fight The Foot – a TMNT short film.

A short by a fan of the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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