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FIFA 13 is almost there!

Thursday the 27th of September is on it’s way, and so is the newest FIFA game. The demo is already out, FIFA 13’s ultimate team has already launched his web app. It’s only waiting for the public to get their hands on playing with the new teams. (27th is the Europe date of release, US is two days earlier.)

Everything is suppose to be better, and their are new things like celebrations (Balotelli style) and tricks, and even a new league, the Saudi Pro League. Read all new features below and check out some cool tricks in the enclosed Youtube video.

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Screenshot Hitman Absolution

Hitman: Absolution

I was watching American Dad where Stan came with a box of roses and dropped it in slow motion and grabbing some brochures out of it, a joke that was, as it’s mainly a move to surprise someone with a gun in his face. At least that’s what I use a box of roses for in general. Nevertheless the passage reminded me of my old good friend, 47. Better known as ‘Hitman‘.

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Saints Row The Third

Saints Row 3 – Gameplay

Gameplay footage appeared of the upcoming banger. Saints Row: The Third. Check out the video on the full page if you not there already!

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LEGO Universe

Oke. Oke. This is much better than an ‘Agera R‘.
It’s over with your life from now on. Lego Universe! The first Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on the LEGO play experience!

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Saints Row: The Third

Grab your pimp cane and find your bandanna, as it’s yet time again for another Saints Row. Saints Row: The Third will be released at the fourth quarter of 2011, around Christmas probably. No trailers or other videos are yet available only a very small amount of pictures. I can’t wait for it to show up, as no game comes near the style of SR and Saints Row 2’s release was more than 2 years ago.
For the marketing there is the chance that a Saints Row game will show up for Facebook, Xbox live arcade and PS network. Further there was a Saints Row film announced at December, but no further information has been spilled at that announcement though it said to show more a month later. We’ll see!

One step towards the future

American computer manufactor of gaming products Razer goes for the next level. They have a new, mind-blowing gaming-concept. The product has touchscreen all over the place and buttons that adapt to the game you are playing! Complex tells us to be cool, ’cause soon we’ll even be able to play ‘World of Warcraft’ at the stripclubs! Check the video and the text below for some more details.

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