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Michael Jackson – Xscape

Michael Jackson’s Xscape release date is May 13th of 2014 though you can already listen to it on Spotify or Youtube. It are old recordings, well of course, the man is dead. The recordings are from 1983 – 2001, and are produced by producers like Timbaland and Stargate.

The album has 8 tracks and the deluxe version also includes the 8 original recordings plus a remix with Justin Timberlake of ‘Lover never felt so good‘.
Xscape really has a diversity of songs on it, for instance the first tracks is the single called ‘Lover never felt so good’ (the one without Timberlake) which is more funky, the 3rd track ‘Loving You’ is real warm and smooth, and ‘Do You Know Where Your Children Are’ is really more a They don’t care about us/Earth song-song.

Michael Jackson –  Love Never Felt So Good

Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (Audio)

I will include a Spotify playlist and iTunes link of the album so you can directly judge for yourself.

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Sam Smith – Talent of 2014

21-year old Sam Smith, a British singer-songwriter, who made his breakthrough with two tracks, both a featuring: Disclosure’s Latch and Naught Boy’s La La La. Starting off the new year Sam Smith got named BBC Sound of 2014, a poll that highlights the best new artists.

Release dates:
Money On My Mind EP:  February 14, 2014.
In The Lonely Hour: May 26, 2014. (Debut album)

Sam Smith’s official website
Sam Smith’s Youtube channel

Jacques Brel – La ville s’endormait

Jacques Brel, with all the air he has left in his one lung, he records his last record. A record with this chanson on it, ´La ville s´endormait´, the city was falling asleep. Cancer had already took down one of his lungs, while the audio technicus in the studio tries and take away all the sighs and gasping of Brel. And after the recording, Jacques joked and asked, looking under the piano:  if anyone had seen a lung. A wonderful song, though, a song about death.

“Et la fatigue plante (And the tiredness sticks,)
Son couteau dans mes reins (it’s knife into my lower back.)”

Jacques Brel ~ La ville s'endormait

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Rodriguez searching for sugar man

Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man is a documentary about Rodriguez, a singer who you could compare to Bob Dylan. Noone bought his records (’70/ ’71), untill his music landed on South Africa, where Rodriguez, without knowing it himself, became a legend.

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Two duets with John Mayer

Today I want to feature two duets with John Mayer. I recently discovered both of them, the first is with the 86 aged Tony Bennett, the 2nd song is one some may know of the ‘Where the light is’ concert. Let’s go.

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Ben Howard

I recently discovered this crazy cover performed by Ben Howard. Ben Howard is a British singer-songwriter. His most known track is ‘Keep your head up‘,  with a 5 million views on Youtube. Though the original of the cover he did has 54 times more views (270 million). Listen to Ben Howard’s Call me maybe.

Bob Dylan – Tempest

Released on September the 11th, Bob Dylan does it again. The 71-year old brings his 35th studio album, 50 years after his first release. And though his voice is questioned these last years, barely hearable words in concerts, this album is recorded in the studio, making you can hear every word and every story he has to tell. Quite some years now he’s seen as a legend, and still alive, some mayor music critics also calls this album ‘his best album’.

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Alain Clark

Optical Illusion Music Video’s

May 24th Dutch musician Alain Clark released a music video of ‘Let some air in’, a track of his 2012 album ‘Generation Love Revival‘. The video is directed by Oscar Verpoort, and features some clean, let’s call it, optical illusion. A vfx style I love, I know two videos covering this style properly. I’ll list them here to watch, if you know more video’s like these, please leave a comment to have it featured in this post.

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Galtar Riddim 2.0

Insane stop-motion, the music video of Zwart Licht – Galtar Riddim 2.0. Credits and Behind-the-scenes photo’s included in this article.

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Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

The official new video of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans. Her third video of her debut album ‘Born to Die’.