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Lamborghini Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

With a convoy of more than 4.5 km in length, with  all sort of Lamborghini’s starting with the first car produced in 1963. The fleet of 350 cars celebrates the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini with a Grande Giro d’Italia. An insane reunion, millions of dollars driving from Milan through Italy, crossing places like Toscana and Lazio. Of course more photo’s are available in the full article.

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A Fancy Doorstop

A doorstop, seems to be an item people like to get creative on, therefore I present five different doorstoppers that will totally make your home the ultimate place to be.

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Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Hypebeast eats‘ features this time a very nice snack. A slowly marinated fried chicken breast topped with coleslaw, then placed in between a scrumptious waffle and served with jalapeno maple syrup. Read here more on how to make it.

“In desperate times, the taboo pairing of two unacquainted items can result in an awakening, life-altering experience. Just ask any stoner preparing a late night snack with little to no cooking skills and a keen imagination.”

Ken still gets it done.

For more video-material of this particular situation watch Part 1 and Part 2. (You’re now watching a sort of shorter version of Part 1.)

Your kids art sucks

Your kids art sucks

“Too long have we allowed sweet innocent children to think that their artwork is good and let it ruin our refrigerators and classrooms!’

‘Your Kid’s Art Sucks’ is a website that will speak some truth about the shitty drawings of your kid! Mainly the ‘what the fuck is this suppose to be’. Too many times children, nor the parents, just doesn’t think it’s strange when mommy is banging the dog, the tree looks like a penis and dad, dad is shitting himself.>

It’s time to grow up.


Morgen verschijnt het boek van Jan-Dirk van der Burg. Vandaag verscheen hij in DWDD om het fenomeen toe te lichten. Een interessant fenomeen.

Weinigen weten wat olifantenpaden zijn, velen bewandelen ze dag in dag uit.

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What The Movie?!

We spent big time playing What the movie this day, there were some hours to kill. Simple but kind of brilliant concept. It’s as simple as looking at one snapshot of a movie and guessing what movie it is from. Of course I knew all the Pinocchio and Twilight snapshots.

You even got the option to upload your own snapshots.  Though what kind of fucked up is, is the fact that the answers will only be available after you wait at least a couple of days up to like 30 days. Kind of missing the opportunity to learn from your faults. Of course when you know the answer and it’s the right one, it will say it is the right one.