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Hitman: Absolution

Screenshot Hitman Absolution

I was watching American Dad where Stan came with a box of roses and dropped it in slow motion and grabbing some brochures out of it, a joke that was, as it’s mainly a move to surprise someone with a gun in his face. At least that’s what I use a box of roses for in general. Nevertheless the passage reminded me of my old good friend, 47. Better known as ‘Hitman‘.

I also knew that after some years of being a movie star and all, codename 47 will be in a new game. The new hitman game in the series will be called ‘Hitman: Absolution’, as the title already said. Yeahhh bwoyy, check out this insane trailer, real life computer graphics!

The game has no concrete release date yet, though somewhere in 2012 it will be. Japanese video game and publishing company ‘Square Enix‘ reached a takeover deal with Eidos and will now take care of some games Eidos use to do, like Hitman and Tomb Raider. Let’s hope for the best for Hitman Absolution, and after seeing the trailer you will know Square Enix can do something good, so let’s hope a good result in 2012. Why I am saying this, and not that I know a lot about the game industry, but Enix seems to come a bit out of the Manga corner.

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