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Pearls of Wisdom

“There are more older people in our society than ever before. Yet the distance between the generations continues to grow.

At Jewish Care we want to close this gap, encourage younger people to think again, to re-connect with older people and to realise their unique value.

One way of doing this is to collect the thoughts and insights of this unique generation of elders, to listen to what they have to say and record their valuable Pearls of Wisdom. These are extraordinary people from different backgrounds who, over the years, have fought to give us what we take for granted. They have experiences to share and a priceless legacy of understanding, if only we’d stop and ask.

So join us by sharing your own Pearls of Wisdom, reconnecting with someone older than you, or just letting them know you care.”

“Talk to an older person and email us their Pearls of Wisdom; upload your conversation on YouTube, connect with us on facebook, or tweet your latest Pearl using hashtag #jcpearls.” [campaign website]

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