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Pursuit of Happiness

Two videos, one track. Too much creativity for tv, made it shot another video for the same track.

Megaforce Version
Two videos were made of ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, I didn’t know the one above since today though glad it came on my path. The video makes you kind of feeling like you are on drugs, plays with your mind, things ain’t what they seem to be. The feeling of a trip or a nightmare were you can’t get what you want as you fall are back at the start after every action. The video contains the right flow to get into a sort of trance, really well done.

Second version
After some rumors the first music video of the track got pulled back and another was made. Again a sort of drugged experience, everything around you, and Cudi, goes most of the time slow with some speed changes now and than. Bringing you in a sort of slower than usual mode. Now it refers more to an alcohol state of being. We see this effect often lately in video, where the main character moves at normal speed and everything around him at slower speed, making a surreal effect.

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