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The Art of FLIGHT

I can only say. Holy shit.


RABAT | Bioscoop trailer NL | 9 juni in de bioscoop.

Pokemon Apokélypse

BOOM! Right in your face. Despite it’s fan-made doesn’t make it less cool. And oke, I got to admit, Pikachu looks like shit.

“When is it gonna stop?”

“When I’ve caught them all.”

Saints Row: The Third

Grab your pimp cane and find your bandanna, as it’s yet time again for another Saints Row. Saints Row: The Third will be released at the fourth quarter of 2011, around Christmas probably. No trailers or other videos are yet available only a very small amount of pictures. I can’t wait for it to show up, as no game comes near the style of SR and Saints Row 2’s release was more than 2 years ago.
For the marketing there is the chance that a Saints Row game will show up for Facebook, Xbox live arcade and PS network. Further there was a Saints Row film announced at December, but no further information has been spilled at that announcement though it said to show more a month later. We’ll see!