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Fasano Las Piedras

The Fasano family’s first venture outside Brazil. As this beautiful place is found in Uruguay’s Punta del Este. With Fasano’s signature appreciation of tradition, the resort’s luxurious, private bungalows and villas and larger Estancias fit harmoniously between the green plains and River Maldonado. The Fasano gastronomic restaurant appears as if carved into the rockface with rugged stone walls, wood flooring and caramel leather banquets. Its upper outdoor deck has sweeping views of the 1,000-plus acre estate, all the way to the beachfront that rises in the distance.

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Tree Hotel

Tree hotel

“Remember when you were a little kid without a care in the world, running around the hills of Sweden? Um. Yeah. Us neither. Anyway, this Swedish Tree Hotel is probably the coolest tree house ever, , with an inviting interior and 360˚views of your surroundings. The hotel is completely encased in mirrored glass, so your vacation spot is intantly camoflouged in the forest. The hotel is scheduled to be built next year in Harads, in northern Sweden. Check out what this upgraded treehouse looks like inside. ”

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