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The Dominoes of Twitter

If there is something in the world that is unpredictable and fast spreading the word. The bird is the word. Yes the bird, twitter just surprised me.

Oke let me tell the story. It all started with a tweet of one of the million quote-generators. In short, people that only post funny or interesting sayings and hope to gather followers and retweets etc. His name in this case is Ujjwal_krishna, over 80,000 people on twitter follow/read his tweets. That’s already crazy but not my story.

So my friend is one of the 80,000 and he retweeted this:

So I picked it up, as I follow my friend, GeertVanEmpel. I always retweet using the quote and the name(s) in a new tweet, not using the build-in-retweet thing twitter has, as the tweet does not show up in many (mobile) twitter applications. In this case, two names has to be used in the tweet, Ujjwal’s and GeertVanEmpel’s. Though this didn’t fit the 140 max character limit. I removed Ujjwal’s name because Geert deserves the credit, he didn’t write it, though distributed it to me. And he’s a friend.. And I also said that to him, I said, I’m giving you the credits for the tweet man. Freely translated.

Next up, twitter is a good connection to the world, presented here. My twitter network made it happen that the tweet referring to @GeertVanEmpel  has been retweeted 58 times in around 6 hours. The ball started rolling when my banging beats making boys, Arjan and Vijay, of Soulsearchin’ liked the tweet, within an hour it reached journalist and writer Job de Wit and one of the biggest bloggers on the world Nalden. From there on the dominoes kept falling and falling.

Seriously I could not believe what I saw and had to read it several times, though it really said “Nalden: RT @GeertVanEmpel ..(..)” Huh, what, I read my original tweet back in my timeline via Nalden? Okay, well I didn’t expect that. The world of social media, making earth a village again.

No wonder that we are running a project now involved with twitter.

Information gained used Twitscoop, website providing search possibilities and trends.

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