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The Hard Times Of RJ Berger

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

Well, after the succes of season 1, there’s season 2 and it was premiering last Sunday in Holland. I didn’t see it though, as I already had been on sea with me pirates of our favorite government fighter Pirate Bay. And with a good show and 12 episodes of 20 minutes, time flew, as well as the episodes.

It’s truly a fun show, at least my opinion, even Paris Hilton will be on your tv for a few seconds while playing this show. But who the fuck is Paris anyways, episode two is about ‘Cousin Vinny’, yeah Guido’s the guy from Jersey Shore.

And the last episode leaves a sort of open end, meaning there is room for a Season 3, which is not made officially, but I expect it, and trust me, it will be. So if you haven’t seen season one or two, get your ass up and sit your ass down. But first download it or buy the box or watch it on or something. In the meantime I’ll be doin’ some GTL.

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