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The last meal before death penalty

What would you choose to eat if you know it’s going to be your last meal? Photographer Henry Hargreaves read about efforts to stop the Last Meal tradition in Texas, this tradition he found interesting, what would be people choose when they know they are getting executed the next day? Hargreaves went out to start photographing these meals.

last-meal-death-penalty_0011_Layer 2

last-meal-death-penalty_0010_Layer 3

last-meal-death-penalty_0009_Layer 4

last-meal-death-penalty_0008_Layer 5

last-meal-death-penalty_0004_Layer 9

last-meal-death-penalty_0005_Layer 8

last-meal-death-penalty_0006_Layer 7

last-meal-death-penalty_0007_Layer 6

last-meal-death-penalty_0003_Layer 10

last-meal-death-penalty_0002_Layer 11

last-meal-death-penalty_0001_Layer 12

last-meal-death-penalty_0000_Layer 13


Source: Henry Hargreaves

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