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Two duets with John Mayer

Today I want to feature two duets with John Mayer. I recently discovered both of them, the first is with the 86 aged Tony Bennett, the 2nd song is one some may know of the ‘Where the light is’ concert. Let’s go.

Bennett released Duets II in September2011, a follow-up to his first collaboration album, in conjunction with his 85th birthday. The album is most known because of the song he sings with Amy Winehouse, reportedly the last recording she made before her death.
One for my baby is a song written in 1943 and was covered and popularized by Frank Sinatra.

The song is part of a show John did with Buddy Guy. John changed his musical interests in 2005 and started to play more jazz and blues, with artists like B.B. King, John Scofield and Eric Clapton.

“I know you said he was just a friend
But I saw you kiss him again and again
These eyes of mine, they don’t fool me
Why did he hold you so tenderly?

I’ve got dreams
Dreams to remember”

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